Join us in 2017 for a Special 6 Class Cooking Series!

At the Inn at Pleasant Lake, we specialize in experiences.  Our New London inn features a highly acclaimed fine dining restaurant that is open to the public 5 nights a week for a delicious dining experience sure to please.  Starting January 12th, and continuing every other week for 6 sessions, is your chance to share the …
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What’s New at the IPL Kitchen for Fall/Winter 2016

The traditions continue at The Inn at Pleasant Lake, well known for its gourmet five-course prix-fix dinners, and rated #1 in the area by our guests on Trip Advisor. Chef Bryan Leary continues to create an immersive dining experience Wednesday through Sunday nights.  But did you know our Kitchen has added new creative dining options …
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Offering Cooking Classes This Fall and Winter!

Are you fascinated by the intricacies of culinary art? Love spending time in the kitchen bringing your vision of a perfect meal to life?  Are you obsessed with finding the perfect balance of flavors?  Looking for new techniques of preparation, cooking, or plating?  Or perhaps you just want to thrill your family, friends and guests …
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2016 Award Status: Sincere Thanks to our Loyal Guests

We have not traditionally placed much weight in trophies.  Sure, when our daughter won a karate trophy that was taller than she was, we were very proud of her.   But there’s no shrine in our home to dwell on such things, unless you consider the attic storage area over the garage a place of worship.  …
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Hiking in New Hampshire, there’s no better time

New Hampshire is such an incredible state for hiking and outdoor enthusiasts, and fall is an outstanding time for your next adventure.  Sometimes in the bustle of our busy lives we forget how accessible nature truly is, and how many options there are to get out and enjoy the great outdoors. From low to high, …
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