Historic Lake Hotels in the Sunapee Region

So many of these Grand-Dames of the lakes have faded away over the years.  While many of these structures have been replaced by single family vacation homes, The Inn at Pleasant Lake has remained a popular destination for travelers to the Lake Sunapee Region.

Situated across from pristine Pleasant Lake and across from majestic Mount Kearsarge is the Inn at Pleasant Lake. The structure’s humble beginnings started in 1790 by Caleb Segur. He farmed over 400 acres of pasturelands in the lake valley. It was here, close to the shores of Pleasant Lake where he built his Cape style farmhouse and barn.

The property was later purchased in 1878 by retired Union officer Colonel William Messer. He added a second story and a row of deep gables and named his summer resort The Red Gables Inn. It remained so for over 100 years. The tradition of hospitality continues today at the Inn at Pleasant Lake. The gables, the lake, and the views remain, waiting to welcome you.

Our local Historical Societys are able to provide a peek back in history to a time when the Historic Lake Hotels reigned supreme.