Why choose an inn or bed and breakfast?

Ten Reasons to Choose a B&BBetter way to stay logo

Tied of the same old stark hotel or motel room? Why not choosea B&B?  The biggest reason to leave your old hotel behind is… Cha Ching – the added value.  Today’s B&Bs are simply a better way to stay for travelers seeking more for their travel dollars.  Take a peek at the top ten reasons bed and breakfasts and country inns make a better and a more affordable way to stay.

Reason 10:  Put your nickels and dimes away. Heck, put the $5 bill for the bottle of water back in your wallet! No mini bars here!  Research from BedandBreakfast.com reveals that more than 92 percent of B&Bs offer complimentary afternoon refreshments, wine and cheese/hors d’ouevres receptions or evening desserts.  More than 50 percent of B&Bs offer stocked snack and beverage pantries 24-7 and we’re sure that 100% of today’s B&Bs will offer you a glass or bottle of water and tell you to put the cost toward your vacation!

Reason 9:  Stay plugged in. Complimentary wi-fi & calls.  Say goodbye to that $20 daily fee for wi-fi access.  Nearly 90 percent of B&Bs and country inns offer complimentary wi-fi according to BedandBreakfast.com surveys.  The other ten are working on getting it. Nearly 100% of today’s B&Bs offer complimentary local or long distance phone calls.  When’s the last time you saw a pay phone anyway?  They’re a dying breed.

Reason 8:  Great rates!  According to the Professional Association of Innkeepers International (PAII – (pronounced PIE) don’t you just love that a B&B organization is named after a yummy treat?) the average daily rate for B&Bs is ???.  When we compared this to city hotels of like levels, the B&B rate came in lower, and that doesn’t take in to consideration all the extras.

Reason 7:  When’s the last time you met the owner of the hotel? And when is the last time he or she carried your bag to your room? Pick a B&B and read their reviews.  Inngoers rave about the fabulous hospitality and friendship that innkeepers offered during their stay.  In fact, for many B&B travelers, the innkeeper was what made the stay special.

Reason 6:  Free parking. OK, we’ll admit, not all B&Bs offer free parking, but last time BedandBreakfast.com surveyed innkeepers, 95.3% said they did. Even in the city, B&B rates for parking average around $25 vs. as high as $50/nightly in hotels.

Reason 5: Flat screens, fireplaces & whirlpool tubs: Usually reserved for the Presidential Suite in a hotel, increasingly B&Bs offer amenities including flat screen TVs, in-room fireplaces, steam or multi-jet showers and deep Jacuzzi tubs.

Reason 4: Bed is half their name: Looking for fabulous beds? Nearly 100 percent of B&Bs offer high thread count sheets, feather beds, pillow libraries and down comforters at no additional cost to guests.

Reason 3:  Breakfast is the other half of their name: Take a family of four to the breakfast buffet at a resort hotel, and you’re looking at upwards of $100 to feed the whole family.  Bed and breakfasts all offer breakfast – it’s their signature selling point and half their name.  From five course candlelit breakfasts to lavish continentals, most innkeepers offer a breakfast to fuel you for the entire day.

Reason 2:  They really will leave the light on! Arrive at 2am, and you may not see a cherry innkeeper greeting you, but you will always find a personalized welcome, no matter what time you arrive from innkeepers who genuinely care about your safe trip and will call you by name.

Reason 1:  Cookies, yes!  Cookie cutter?  No. No two B&Bs are alike. As independently owned small lodging properties, each one offers something new and different.  No big box look to B&Bs ranging from urban chic to historically preserved mansions and homes.