Scott during Jack Frost Dinner in New London NH

Winter Fun – Only in New Hampshire

We supported the annual Jack Frost Dinner last weekend and were so excited to participate in the New London Winter Carnival (organized by the New London Recreation Department led by Scott Blewitt).  If you have never attended, I encourage you to mark your calendars or bookmark the search term for next year.  It was truly a lot of fun, and I rediscovered one of the reasons why I love New Hampshire so much.  It seems to me, that so much of our modern society has been overrun with invasive rules and restricting legislation in an attempt to make our society run more smoothly.  Whereas if we simply cared more about our neighbors and used our common sense, we’d get along just fine.  What triggered this thought you may ask? Ski Joring!

winter activities in New Hampshire

I had never heard of ski joring, but apparently it can be quite popular, is internationally practiced, and was even a demonstration sport in the 1928 Winter Olympics.  Skiers are pulled behind a horse, or dogs, or a motorized vehicle, and often compete in races through a series of obstacles!!  I don’t know if I could do it, but it certainly was exciting to watch, and particularly the kids, who were simply awesome.  If this seems rather crazy to you, you are not alone, which led me to think that this can only happen in a place where common sense is the primary rule and folks care about their community and their neighbor’s well being.  No one was hurt (that I saw) and all had a great time.

So why am I writing about this now after the event? A few reasons.  One is that we at the Inn at Pleasant Lake care about our community and truly care for our guests.  It’s what we are all about.  And secondly, this is only one of the many events that occur throughout the Dartmouth Lake Sunapee region on a regular basis all throughout the year.  So pick a weekend and come on up and visit.  There is so much to do, and you’ll meet some of the most wonderful people.