Waterfall on Bunker Hill Loop New London NH

Nature is Right Next Door

As innkeepers, we are continually striving to enhance our knowledge of the local area, and provide our guests first hand views and insights into local activities. With this spirit, I set out last week to discover some of the locally known snow shoe and cross country ski trails. But I did not have a ton of time given my task list, so I chose a nature trail right here in New London that runs out behind the schools and around Spring Ledge Farm. I must not have been more than 100 yards into the hike when I had another one of those moments. You know, those moments when you are going about your day and the thought strikes you smack in the forehead, “This is why I love New Hampshire”. I know I’m having these moments a lot recently, but I suppose that speaks for itself.

What struck me was how right next door, right under your nose, there it is – nature as it was intended. In most places it seems, you can find nature not too far away, and perhaps get to it without too much trouble, but it seems contained, preserved, as if everything else is normal and we need some section of nature to remain reminding us of what it was like. It’s not that way here in New Hampshire. It’s the inverse.  Nature dominates the landscape, and it is only by divine grace we are allowed to settle certain segments for our convenience. Access is not limited to a few gated entry points because it is everywhere. And as soon as you step onto the trail there is instantly the feeling that you have been transported to the middle of nowhere, U.S.A. Your mind knows you are right there behind town, but it sure doesn’t feel that way!

Snowshoeing in New Hampshire

Hiking tends to be more popular in the summer and the fall, but to be honest, we love it all year round. What winter hiking tends to offer is a more serene perspective, an added beauty like icing on an already super-sweet cupcake. It’s curious to me why more folks don’t think of hiking as a winter activity. If it snows, it’s even more fun with snow shoes or cross country skis!  It makes some of the shorter, more accessible trails perfect for a quick outing, or you can find longer trails that are groomed specifically for the activity you choose.  Here are some of the, “trails next door” to the Inn at Pleasant Lake we would recommend..

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