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IPL Teams with Eastman Golf Links

Fall is my favorite time of year for a number of reasons, most of them rooted in the ideal conditions for doing almost anything outdoors.  And for some reason I find my golf game improves in direct proportion to my level of inspiration.  Perhaps being late in the season, we’re able to loosen up and not worry so much about the grip, or the stance, or the other thousand points of potential mechanical failure.  Perhaps the overwhelming beauty of the surroundings make us realize that enjoyment is a higher priority than improvement.  Perhaps the air is so fresh and clean it enhances our ability to envision the ball’s trajectory as it leaves the club head.  Whatever the drivers, my best rounds of golf have always been in the fall.

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Can you see yourself in this paradise setting?  The weather is perfect and the air crisp and clean. The colors start to turn in perfect contrast to the lush greens. You’ve been tuning your golf game all season and you are in your prime. This is the perfect time for a quick golf getaway in central New Hampshire.  After your scenic round of golf, you return to the historic 1790 Inn and revive yourself with your favorite beverage on the outside patio overlooking Pleasant Lake.



As the sun sets, you realize what an appetite you’ve built up and you can’t wait to begin your 5-course gourmet meal.  The chef joins you on the patio and describes the meal he’s been preparing just for you with masterful techniques and locally sourced ingredients.  Given the incredible round of golf you’ve just completed, you are feeling appropriately rewarded with this prized dining experience.  This is something you’ve worked for all season and you will savor every moment of it.

There are a number of great courses here in the Lake Sunapee Region.  My favorites are those with excellent course conditions combined with inspiring views and all the amenities.  That’s why we teamed up with Eastman Golf Links to provide an exclusive golf package for our guests including accommodations and fine dining.  The views of the mountains as you launch your drive on the 6th hole are breathtaking.  And the views of the moon rising over Pleasant Lake as you relax through our prix fixe dinner at our historic New London inn are awe inspiring.  This is a well-paired experience.

Now’s the time to reap the rewards of all your hard work honing your game this season.  Booking is easy and we are happy to customize to your needs.  Come be inspired by New Hampshire’s natural beauty and have the best round of your 2016 season!

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