Words are so inadequate

It seems we are fated to flounder through our relationships foraging for ways to better convey how we feel about one another.  Like a grand quest, we engage the journey with no greater goal than the treasure of another smile on her lips and a new bit of joy in her heart.  It is an endless search.

Let me confess that I have been married to the love of my life now for a mere 28 years.  In that time, I must acknowledge many failed attempts at showing how I truly feel, ranging from misguided to foolish to irrational to flat out stupid.  Perhaps this is a source of wisdom, or perhaps a roadmap of things to avoid, but it has, through great trial and error, led to a couple of relatively good ideas. I thought I’d share a few given we are fast approaching another Valentine’s Day.

Three years ago we had a milestone, and I wanted to honor our 25-year mark with something special, something really creative. It took months of research, reflection, and planning, but I must admit the outcome was better than I had hoped for.  The concept was a crossword puzzle where the content and clues were all about us, our 25 years together.  I spent months reflecting year by year to recall four of our most meaningful moments for each year, then I composed 100 clues and constructed a puzzle to house the answers (Incidentally, software is available online to build the puzzle for you ex: www.puzzle-maker.com).  Then each morning starting 100 days prior to Valentine’s Day, I would leave a fresh clue on the kitchen counter for my wife to find when she awoke.  She would discuss her best guess or look for further hints later that night and it would often lead to an enjoyable dinner remembering and discussing the experience. By the time Valentine’s Day arrived, it was full of memories both of our lives but also of the discussions we’d had over the last 100 days.  The only glitch I discovered was that over the course of 25 years our memories have the tendency to drift from the actual experiences, and not necessarily along the same path.  Luckily, I was astute enough to avoid arguing and I was not graded on accuracy.

Custom crossword: a romantic Valentine's idea

I didn’t realize it at the time, but we had replaced words and gifts with an experience. It was the experience shared over those 100 days discussing what was meaningful in our lives together that became our means of expression. This special experience turned out to be my most romantic Valentine’s idea yet.

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