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New Hampshire’s Best Wedding Venue

Not only is New Hampshire a gorgeous state known for its expansive wilderness and White Mountains, but it is also the perfect place to say “I do.” The Inn at Pleasant Lake in New Hampshire is a historic bed and breakfast known for its hospitality and its availability as the ideal wedding venue. Unlike other wedding venues in NH, at the Inn at Pleasant Lake, you’ll get the chance to experience this historic building, its architecture dating back to 1790, as well as views of the lake itself. The Inn’s goal is to make each guest feel like they’re far away from their daily worries, which makes them the perfect wedding venue in New Hampshire. Hosting the most important day of your lives here at the Inn at Pleasant Lake is sure to make your wedding day feel like it’s part of your honeymoon.

Something that makes the Inn at Pleasant Lake one of the best wedding venues in NH is the fact that they care so much about their brides and grooms. The Inn itself will go out of its way to help you host the wedding of your dreams, providing you with different wedding packages for the type of celebration you have in mind. This wedding venue in New Hampshire is sure to provide you with lakefront views for when you say “I do,” flexible planning, and amazing food for your guests to enjoy. The Inn at Pleasant Lake has three available wedding packages to choose from, but they do also provide an option for a custom wedding, so there will be something at the Inn for every bride and groom’s vision.

Wedding Packages

As one of the best wedding venues in NH, it’s only natural for the Inn at Pleasant Lake to provide the bride and groom with predetermined packages for their wedding so that the planning can be as easy as possible. It’s no secret that planning a wedding can be stressful, so the Inn at Pleasant Lake is here to do the hard work for you. From the Elopement Package, which includes an intimate setting for just you and your betrothed, to the much larger Package Wedding with Private Dinner, a 30 guest celebration, the Inn will do its job to make sure your day is perfect. If your celebration is somewhere in between these packages, have no fear, they also offer an Intimate Wedding Package, which will allow for up to 15 guests. 

Packages don’t work for everybody, though, so it’s a good thing the Inn at Pleasant Lake also provides an option for custom weddings, allowing you to curate the perfect wedding day at this gorgeous wedding venue in New Hampshire.

Custom Weddings

The Inn at Pleasant Lake doesn’t stop at small weddings. If a large celebration is your vision for your big day, this wedding venue in New Hampshire won’t disappoint. Their custom weddings are able to accommodate for up to 200 people, and the Inn itself will work with your personal wedding planner to bring your very vision to life. They will even provide options for your rehearsal dinner, welcome party, and other meals surrounding the reception. The Inn’s custom weddings come with fine food, access to a full-service bar and wine cellar, and of course, views of the gorgeous natural scenery of New Hampshire.

Premier Wedding Venues in NH

If you’re looking for the perfect setting for your dream wedding, look no further than this wedding venue in New Hampshire. The Inn at Pleasant Lake has the goal of making your dream wedding a reality, providing you with all of the services to make your day absolutely perfect. From their unique surrounding natural landscape and historic architecture to their wedding planning services, this wedding venue in New Hampshire will have the entire event prepared in advance for your special day, so that everything is perfect when you finally say, “I do.”