Large Table at Oak & Grain

New Hampshire Getaways for Year-End Celebrations

The scenery for the holiday season is gorgeous here in New London. Fallen leaves turn into blankets of snow over Pleasant Lake and Mount Kearsarge, making the holidays seem even more festive. Beyond the glorious views and landscapes, the Inn at Pleasant Lake is perfectly suited to be the ideal setting for your end of year celebrations. There are numerous reasons why the Inn at Pleasant Lake should be your destination for your New Hampshire getaways during the holidays.

Reasons To Book End of Year Celebrations in New London 

Whether you want to treat your team for their annual accomplishments, or you’re finally gathering up all of the family for a reunion over the holidays, there are several reasons why you might want your holiday vacation rentals and New Hampshire getaways at The Inn at Pleasant Lake. 

Memorable Dining Experiences 

What’s a celebration without great food? Luckily, our on-site restaurant Oak & Grain has been rated the #1 dining in the area for 5 years running, so you know you’ll be getting the best culinary experience possible. Ingredients are locally harvested, and our prix-fixe meals are globally inspired.  When you dine here, the table is yours for the night, so you can savor your time with your companions as well as every bite. When it comes to New London, NH restaurants, Oak & Grain is the best option. 

Our Festive Setting

What are the holidays without a little snow? New Hampshire inns like ours are the place to be during your festivities. Being nestled next to Pleasant Lake and next to Mount Kearsarge, you’ll see the snow frame the Inn elegantly. Views from the guest rooms are just as gorgeous as from the dining room. Although, you can always get outside and experience the winter wonderland yourself. We recommend doing this during your New Hampshire getaways. 

Desired Privacy 

Depending on the size and type of your travel party, we understand that you might want privacy while dining with us. Whether you book out all ten of our guest rooms or are just joining us for dinner, there’s plenty of privacy in our Sun Room for your event. You can host your smaller group events in the Sun Room or gather together in the sitting areas of our guest rooms for an intimate night.

The Authentic History at the Inn 

The main inn here at the Inn at Pleasant Lake was constructed in 1790 and converted to an inn in 1868. Our hospitality has been offered for more than 150 years. You can learn our story while creating your own. 

New Hampshire Getaways at the Inn at Pleasant Lake 

Reflect on your year and celebrate with your loved ones by booking your New Hampshire getaway with us. We offer world-class service to you while you have your holiday events in New Hampshire, including free breakfast. Space is limited, so secure your spot at the Inn at Pleasant Lake early! Visit us on our website to book, or give us a call at 603-873-4833.