New London museums

New London Museums, Galleries and Estates Near the Inn

For art and history lovers, museums are always a great activity to prioritize on vacation. Spend hours roaming up and down the halls of a gallery, pondering art, and reading historical captions. Imagine how the artifacts were used in their original time, and stand in awe over an artist’s expertise in their medium. Visiting museums and galleries is a great rainy day activity as well. Even if you aren’t usually an art or history lover, maybe it’s time you step out of your box and visit these New London museums, galleries, and estates during your time at the Inn at Pleasant Lake.

New London Museums

Perhaps when you search “New London museums,” you aren’t thinking of car museums. However, you should give the Ice House Museum a chance, as the late Bill Kidder had quite the collection of old Fords, bikes, riding toys, and other eclectic items. People would drop these off for him to fix up at his garage, which was the first of its kind in New London. Kidder loved to show people around his fixer-uppers, and you’ll love it, too. 

New London Museums

Art Galleries 

When it comes to New Hampshire art galleries, the Tatewell Gallery is relatively small. However, that doesn’t mean the collection still isn’t big: the gallery has work from over 45 artists from around the country, on display and ready for sale. The paintings and photography span topics like architecture, still lives, kitchen decor, and nature. On your way out, buy a postcard or two by your favorite artist of the gallery to take as a small souvenir home. You won’t be more delighted to find this gallery when you search “art near me” during your time at the Inn at Pleasant Lake. 

Historic Estates Nearby

Although it isn’t in New London, The Fells in NH is still only a quick drive away from the Inn. The late owner of the estate is John Milton Hay, the Secretary of State for both presidents William McKinley and Theodore Roosevelt. Put yourself in his shoes as you walk through all 22 rooms of the mansion, and spot the Colonial Revival design elements as you take the self-guided tour. In the summer, you can explore all six gardens, too. If you love history and architecture, this New London museum is a great way to learn more about both in one place.  

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New London museums are more eclectic than you might find in the big city, but that’s what makes them memorable. After a day of learning about various bits and pieces of New London’s history, return to the Inn at Pleasant Lake to finish off your perfect day at Oak & Grain with a delicious meal before bed. For more information about other New London museums, galleries, and estates, visit our website or give us a call at 603-873-4833.