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Make a Clean Getaway

This Spring is Perfect for a Road Trip

The world health situation has certainly made us all re-think our travel plans for the 2020 season and perhaps beyond.  Perhaps you’ve had flights grounded?  Vacations cancelled?  Your intended destination quarantined?  And yet, you’ve been working twice as hard to keep business moving, ensure your clients are taken care of, or simply just keep your life as normal as possible.  You deserve a break!

We firmly believe that, while all appropriate precautions must be taken now, this crisis will pass and you will need rest, relaxation and rejuvenation more than ever before.  But we will all have lingering concerns about travel and leisure activities.  Our approach – minimize your risk.  Take road trips instead of flying.  Think of a stay-cation and skip the exotic plans for now.  Consider a comfortable driving radius and target destinations within it where you’ve always wanted to spend more time.


With this in mind, we offer this year’s spring special – “Make a Clean Getaway“.  Plan your escape  now and we’ll include a bottle of our House Wine and our Artisan Cheese tray.  Secure your well-deserved getaway to rejuvenate and find some peace and relaxation after the crisis at hand subsides.

More concerned about others than your own state of mind?  Perhaps you know someone more impacted by the situation than you’ve been? We can help there too. Why not send them a Gift Certificate so they can get away, experience some clean living, and recharge their batteries.

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Make a Clean Getaway