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To Your Health!

Revered for Rejuvenation and Relaxation

New Hampshire lakes and mountains have attracted guests seeking rest and relaxation for centuries.  Inn at Pleasant Lake itself has a 150 year legacy of hospitality and rejuvenating vacations. In our modern world, health concerns may be more complex, but our simple country remedies have stood the test of time.  Fresh mountain air, clean water, locally sourced food, and a lifestyle where neighbors take care of one another provide a firm foundation of good health.  This is all part of your stay when you join us for your quick get-away, or your extended vacation.   You don’t need to live in a bubble to stay healthy, but it helps to make good choices, and the places you visit are among these choices.  The following health factors are what make staying with us is a good choice, both when health risks are a escalated, or any time you consider getting away.

  • New London is one of the safest towns in New Hampshire or anywhere. According to, New London’s violent crime rate has been 100% below the national average.
  • Air quality in Merrimack and Sullivan Counties is among the best in the state, not even registering on National Ambient Air Quality Standards charts.
  • Pleasant Lake is ranked a Class-A water bodies, meaning they have the highest quality of water.
  • We are the only Select Registry Inn in the area, a group of Distinguished Inns of North America. This means our property is independently inspected to adhere to Select Registry’s legendary quality and cleanliness standards.
  • Inns, in general, are independently owned. We take great pride in our guest experience.  Unlike chain hotels, Inns are typically owner operated, and have teams who personally care about your experience and the cleanliness of their property and your room.
  • We have filtered air for the highest quality and change our filters at least every 6 months.
  • Our well and water supply system actually were awarded the second highest water quality of any community supplied system in New Hampshire (2018 and 2019).
  • We are a farm to table establishment, with most of our food supplies locally sourced. This decreases risk of supply chain contamination, along with offering the freshest ingredients.
  • We operate with a rigorous daily cleaning policy, with the highest quality products, and in times of greater germ exposure, increase cleaning frequency of common touchable surfaces.
  • We wash our own sheets onsite, reducing the risk of cross-contamination that may arise when laundry is co-mingled at commercial supply centers.
  • We offer periodic posted health notices to all employees to ensure they stay home when feeling ill, and can recognize the signs of commonly transmitted illness.

We recognize this is a long list, but we want you to rest easy when you stay with us.  The benefits of good clean living are available to you when you stay here.  Guests have enjoyed the positive health effects our area has to offer for long time.  Some things never change!