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Top 7 Reasons for a Stay Safe Getaway

Stay Safe this Season Special

You’ve been quarantined, locked down, and “from-homed” until you can’t see straight any more.  You want to be safe, sure, and you certainly want to keep those around you safe.  But as nice as home is, at some point you need a change of scenery.  Yet, with all the tasks piling up now, you don’t want to fall behind either.  We have an answer!  Here are the top 7 reasons to take advantage of this year’s seasonal special.

  1. Work-cation: Zoom meetings, teleconferences, and technology have liberated location from task.  We have high speed fiber internet service to keep you connected to everything you need.
  2. School-cation: Kids got you tied down?  No need to skip a lesson.  Our junior suites are great for families.  Keep everything on track while recharging your batteries.
  3. Stay-cation: Need a getaway within driving distance? Not ready for air travel?  We are easy to get to – just 2 hours from Boston or Stowe.  We have mountains, lakes, arts, shops, museums, great restaurants and more!
  4. Holiday Getaway:  Holidays bring their own kind of stress and after this year, who needs more?  Come relax and restore your frame of mind this holiday season.
  5. Couples Retreat:  Take a little time for the two of you and keep your relationship strong.  All the pressures of new restrictions and requirements give you less time for each other.  Take a break and focus on you!
  6. Don’t lose that PTO:  You’ve worked twice as hard this year given all the hurdles, and haven’t had time for a vacation.  Don’t let that Paid Time Off go to waste, you’ve earned it!
  7. Big Savings:  You can save 25% when you stay 3 or more days with this special.  This is off our already low quiet season rates.  Pocket that savings, or treat yourself to a truly special dining experience at Oak & Grain, the #1 rated fine dining restaurant in the area.


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More concerned about others than your own state of mind?  Perhaps you know someone more impacted by the situation than you’ve been? We can help there too. Why not send them a Gift Certificate so they can get away, experience some clean living, and recharge their batteries.

Curious about what makes the health benefits of our area so special?  Check out our “To Your Health!” blog.

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