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The Gallery of Trees 2021

Join us from December 26th to January 1st to enjoy The Gallery of Trees, a fresh concept which invites the community to come together. Christmas Trees will be decorated by local businesses and displayed at our historic 1789 venue. Visitors are welcome to view The Gallery and vote for whichever Christmas tree you enjoy the most.  This year, each business sponsor will promote their own charity and your donations will go to the charity of choice for the winning tree. We will also provide a food drop location for donations to the food bank.


The Holidays are always so magical, and The Inn at Pleasant Lake is full of history and traditions. There’s a different light that embraces the world during the Season. We invite you to join us to enjoy all the splendor and warmth the Inn holds. Over the past one hundred and fifty years, we’ve seen families create traditions alongside some of their fondest memories. To celebrate, we are sponsoring the Gallery of Trees!

Over the years, the Gallery of Trees has seen hundreds of guests! We typically have 10 – 12 local businesses design and decorate Christmas Trees that are displayed in our historic barn venue.  It is a perfect event to promote social distancing.  Guests tour on their own schedule, there are no lines or groupings of the public.

After the New Year, we’ll count up the votes for the Christmas Trees and make a donation to the charity of choice in the name of business with the winning tree.

This event is all about bringing together our community with the goal of giving back during the most charitable part of the year. We’re thrilled for its return and to give back to the community we cherish.

Christmas Tree and gifts Christmas tree with green skirt Christmas Tree with gift boxes