Mount Sunapee Skier

Great Skiing in Central New Hampshire!

Our family came to the exhilarating sport of skiing later in life, and that was clearly a mistake.  We had just settled into the Sunapee area and I was very excited to find a host of new outdoor adventures.  With two ski mountains so close by, skiing would certainly be high up on the list.  Our children, high school age at the time, we’re not quite as excited when I shared the plan. We discovered that Mt. Sunapee had a highly-developed learning center with a dedicated peak for newbies. Perfect!  Step #1: shopping for a full set of winter gear for all four of us – not because we didn’t have adequate jackets, but because I wanted maximum enjoyment potential, and because it would build up the excitement and anticipation.  When the day came, the weather was perfect.  The rental center was highly efficient and we were all gathered around our instructor in no time.  The lead up to this adventure could not have gone better, and I knew this would be a great day.

The lessons went fairly well, and after a short while and sufficient practice, we were ready to try some of the bigger slopes on the main mountain.  The views from the top of Mt. Sunapee are truly breathtaking, looking up the length of the lake out past the snow-covered slopes.  I recall thinking, “With views like this, I’m not sure I care whether or not we get down this mountain.”  We made out fine, and with fairly short lift lines, were able to explore many of the trails over the course of the day.  The other skiers were incredibly helpful throughout the day, as our skills were obviously at a novice level.  At the end of the day, I thought we had conquered the mountain and I was very anxious to take my usual post-adventure family poll.  My son felt the danger far outweighed any brief moments of enjoyment.  My daughter had fun, but didn’t like being out in cold all day.  And my wife thought skiing may not be the smartest activity for her to take up given her impending osteoporosis. Despite an incredible day, I would be destined to find a new set of ski buddies to enjoy this sport with going forward! I was advised later that I should have introduced the family to the slopes at an earlier age: that’s how families get into skiing together.  Makes sense.

New Hampshire skiing

Why share this story with you, our friends at the Inn?  Because of the key lessons demonstrated:

  • There are spectacular ski adventures here in central New Hampshire, just a short 2-hour ride from Massachusetts or Connecticut.
  • The Inn at Pleasant Lake offers ski and stay packages  to make the best skiing and the best accommodations accessible to you for a great value.

With outstanding conditions, everything you need is here to begin your ski adventure with your family.  Book with us for an unforgettable experience!  Don’t make the mistake we made by waiting too long and missing this form of family fun.  This is the perfect winter to give it a try and we have some of the best skiing in New Hampshire right here!

P.S. Downhill not your speed?  We also have 2 cross country ski parks nearby and snow shoeing trails within walking distance.  Winter fun is all around us!