Christmas Trees lit up by multicolored outdoor lights surrounded by snow

The Gallery of Trees… Celebrating the Classic New Hampshire Christmas

I think we can all relate to the time of the year where the scent of balsam lingers in the crisp winter air. The realistic Santa Claus stand-ins ringing in our ears, with every good intention. There’s almost an electricity pulsing throughout the world at the end of the season. It’s something that connects us.

Remembering Cherished Holiday Traditions

One of my favorite New Hampshire Christmas events is the time that my family gathers together to pick out the Christmas Tree. The combination of my family coming together, the time we spend outside, and the inevitable argument between my parents is something to look forward to every year. Strolling through the greens with snowflakes thawing on our cheeks, we all finally come to accept that whatever tree mom chooses, is the tree we’re getting. The second best part of this tree escapade is the sparkling, shiny part, the decoration of Mom’s tree. Boxes and boxes of old and new ornaments appear from the attic, where father stored them the year before. Each piece of tinsel and glass decoration lays on the branches but in the most deliberate way. These memories inspired the new concept for The Gallery of Trees at the Inn at Pleasant Lake and a New Year’s Eve Gala at Oak & Grain.

Gallery of Trees New Hampshire Christmas Event


During the most charitable time of the year, we decided to pair up with the New Hampshire Food Bank and multiple local businesses to give back. Inspired by our memories, we came up with a warm idea which incorporates the most iconic image of the season.

The Gallery Of Trees

Join us from December 26th to December 31st to enjoy The Gallery of Trees, a fresh concept which invites the community to come together. Christmas Trees will be decorated by local businesses and displayed at our historic venue. Visitors are welcome to view The Gallery, make a donation to the Food Bank, and vote on whichever Christmas tree they enjoy the most. All donations will be made to the New Hampshire Food Bank in the name of the business with the winning tree. The Inn at Pleasant Lake works with the New Hampshire Food Bank because we believe in their mission and their methods in supporting the community we so cherish.

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