Farmer's Market Vegetables and Chalk Board

Our Commitment to Community with Local Farm Partners

Oak & Grain, the top rated New London, NH restaurant, is committed to providing our guests with meat, fish and produce that are local and sustainable. Whether farmed, fished or foraged, we are striving to be as local as possible. Chef Bryan brings in eggs from his own chickens, gathers herbs from our gardens, and is an avid forager himself. We currently work with over 20 local New Hampshire farms to bring the freshest food to our diner’s table each evening, and we are always updating our list. See Chef’s Corner for chef’s adventures in visiting our farm partners!

Spring Ledge Farm
New London, New Hampshire
Chef Notes: Organic methods – a small farm producing a variety of vegetables, flowers and fruit. Incredible salad greens and strawberries. A joy to work with, also the pick-up center for Seafood CSA. Fresh local fish each week!

Brookford Farm
Canterbury, New Hampshire
Chef Notes: 600-acre diversified farm with 35 acres in organic veggies. The rest are pastures for cows, pigs, chickens. Certified organic, biodynamic practices and a first-generation family farm. Incredible corn and zucchini.

Sweet Beet Farm
Bradford, New Hampshire
Chef Notes: 1.5-acre start-up farm. No chemicals or artificial input. All land donated by community. Great summer squash. This is the center for the Kearsarge Food Hub, a way to experience all the flavors of many different small local farms.

Blue Ox Farm
Enfield, New Hampshire
Chef Notes: Started with only 2 acres and has grown to a certified organic 16-acre vegetable and annual fruit farm. Grows 30 different crop families. Some of the sweetest green beans I’ve ever had.

LaValley Farm
Hooksett, New Hampshire
Chef Notes: Farming since 2006. Fruits, vegetables – they have huge variety of heirloom tomatoes and cucumbers. The best ingredients for my summer gazpacho. They grow on 60 acres of land.

Sunset Rock Farm
Lebanon, New Hampshire
Chef Notes: An incredible goat farm which produces the best fresh goat chevre. Practices in reducing waste by providing local farms with their whey left overs for pigs. They also use solar panels for heating their goat watering supply.

Battles Farm
Bradford, New Hampshire
Chef Notes: A diversified farm, producing vegetables, lamb, goat, pig and beefalo – a new product I am using. Lower in fat and cholesterol, a beefalo grazes on a third of the land that domestic cattle use. Has by far the best lamb rack and rib chops in New England. All organic feed.

Beech Hill Farm
Hopkinton, New Hampshire
Chef Notes: A ninth generation historic family farm. One of the longest family run farm in the United States. Incredible all natural pasture-raised beef, USDA certified, no hormones or antibiotics, preservatives, animal bi-products. Great marbling in their steaks.

Kearsarge Gore Farm
Warner, New Hampshire
Chef Notes: A 500-acre, off-the-grid-farm using solar power and gravity feed water. They are a multi-generational, family-run farm dedicated to conservation and preserving the environmental. Raising cattle and sheep and also running 3,000 maple syrup taps.

Work Song Farm
Hopkinton, New Hampshire
Chef Notes: A great small scale diverse organic vegetable farm. Growing on 4-acres of land this year. What I love about this farm is that they don’t over extend themselves. They only sell to a few local restaurants, so the vegetables I get are unique in the sense that they will not be featured in many other restaurants. Some great salad greens and winter spinach. A wonderful variety of radishes that resemble a watermelon.

Stonecipher Farm
Bowdoinham, Maine
Chef Notes: A 10-acre organic vegetable farm with free-range chicken eggs. They grow to support local restaurants with a wide variety of vegetables, flowers and what some would consider weeds that taste amazing. An avid forager of mushrooms, ramps and fiddleheads. An incredible well rounded family farm.