Inn at Pleasant Lake's Room Number 5

Room 5: New Luxury, Same Spacious Layout!

Room 5 has always been one of the more spacious Junior Suites at our New London B&B, and is located on the second floor for easy access. Our upgrades here were more about adding luxury and less about a needed renovation.  The room was in great condition and the available features were attractive: separate bedroom with privacy, spacious sitting room, and sizable bathroom with a shower tub combination.

Room 5 Renovation


The only real challenge we had with Room 5 was that it was slightly less competitive with some of our other junior suites.  We were hoping to make the choice a little more difficult (in a good way).  We focused attentions on the bed and the bathroom.  The bathroom needed a new tile floor, and we’ve been getting pretty good at tiling floors these days.  This really made the bathroom feel like a whole new room and added a level of quality.  A quick coat of paint to freshen it up, and voila!

The bed is now a substantial feature for the room.  We converted from a queen size to a king; with this upgrade, we now offer three suites with a king bed selection for our guests’ choice. The mattress selection is one of the most comfortable you’ll find anywhere.  Combine that with the Comphy Sheets linens and you may find it difficult to ever leave this bed – it is magnificent!    We hope our guests will feel like royalty when they experience the upgraded Room 5.

Room 5 offers several advantages for our guests.  The luxurious accommodations work well for romantic escape seekers. The layout accommodates families looking to spread out or have the kids in an adjoining room, as the pocket doors between bedroom and sitting room provide privacy.  Adventure seekers who need a little more space for their bags will find the room very convenient.  With new levels of luxury and a spacious layout, come relax and enjoy yourself in Room 5.


Our design team once again did a fantastic job in selecting the bedroom furniture and bedding for this upgrade.  Their ability to envision a guest experience and build all the details to make it come to life is outstanding!  Thanks to all!