Inn at Pleasant Lake Wooden Block Puzzles

Calling all Puzzle People

Perhaps it’s the opportunity to do something that at first seems impossible.  Perhaps it relates to our fight or flight instinct, the genetically programmed response to a challenge.  Or perhaps it’s the simple but compelling need we have to solve a problem.  I’m not sure what it is exactly, but I know that some people are compulsively drawn to puzzles, and I count myself among the afflicted.  Curious that there seems to be no middle ground.  Some look at a puzzle and could care less about the whole thing, have no desire to start, and if they do, feel no remorse about walking away from the unsolved task.  For you folks, feel free to skip over to the next blog or to peruse other areas of our website, I don’t want to waste your time.  But if you are still reading at this point, I suspect you share my affliction, and boy do I have something for you!  Introducing the inaugural line of Inn at Pleasant Lake rope and block puzzles!

rope and block puzzle at a New Hampshire bed and breakfast
New Hampshire bed and breakfast rope and block puzzle

As a child, I recall having an insatiable desire to understand how things worked.  This energy was not so helpful when applied to things like my mom’s toaster or my brother’s 8-track tape machine.  It turns out I was far more talented at dissection than I was at actual problem diagnosis and resolution.  You know that moment when with great anticipation you believe that you’ve fixed the faulty item, only to find that there are some apparently unneeded parts remaining on the table. Yes, it has been a curse.  But, when properly channeled the curse suddenly becomes a blessing – I discovered puzzles! I began designing new puzzles when our family Easter Hunts grew in complexity.  In response to the seemingly exponential growth in intelligence and capability children demonstrate from year to year, I felt compelled to make our family events more and more challenging.  This is a far deeper topic to share perhaps in future blogs, but for now I thought it might be interesting for folks to know the origins of my interests in puzzles and puzzle designs.

Our cozy New Hampshire bed and breakfast is a fantastic setting for puzzles – something about the antique setting or the focus on relaxation, or maybe the escape from our electronic age (which is fully accessible, but perhaps not as desirable in our historic setting). Our guests have enjoyed the long standing tradition of our jigsaw puzzle table, which is always active with one puzzle or another.  And we recently added our version of a hand crafted “Blue Block Puzzle” as well (these were also a result of past Easter adventures.)  But the exciting news for today is the launch of our proprietary entanglement puzzles.

Puzzle solving on unique getaways in NH handmade puzzles at top NH bed and breakfast


These Inn at Pleasant Lake rope and block puzzles are beautifully crafted from high quality materials, and are both offered for use by guests and as well as available for purchase.  There are currently six designs offered in various finishes and in two sizes.  We hope our guests find a little added enjoyment during their stay with us as at our New Hampshire bed and breakfast as a result of these distinctive puzzles.  To our Facebook followers and friends of the Inn, feel free to swing by and satisfy your curiosity.  And to those readers that have hung through this entire blog, you apparently share my affliction.  There is no other way to say it, I dare you to accept this new challenge!  I will note, that after the first few weeks of our initial, unadvertised introduction at the Inn, I am unaware of anyone who has yet solved the IPL rope and block puzzle!  So, who will be the first? History awaits!