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  • Please enter any dietary concerns or food allergies. Chef Bryan will work to make each dish fit your needs.
  • We will have your order ready at this time. You may pick up your order anytime between 4PM and 8PM.
  • Please let us know what day you would like your order. Take-out is available Wednesday - Sunday evenings.
  • Price: $10.00 Quantity:
    Soups are made fresh in house from locally sourced farm ingredients. Soups are made for two to share.
  • Price: $12.00 Quantity:
    Fresh Salads sourced by your local farms. Serves one.
  • Price: $23.00 Quantity:
    Each entree serves one.
    Sides for this week will be added to each dish.
  • Price: $8.00 Quantity:
    Serves one
  • We can offer up to two bottles of wine or 12 bottles of beer with your order. Our current wine list can be found on www.oakandgrain.com - please let us know your preference, or call the inn if you'd like some help choosing the right wine for you. For our current beer selection, please call ahead.
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    NH Meals and Rentals Tax of 9% will be added to your total. Please bring a valid credit card or cash when picking up your order. We are now offering curb side pick-up only, so please call the inn when you arrive.