Fish, Glorious Fish

During the busier months, Chef MacKenzie supplements his fish orders with some varieties of fishes from a wonderful Hawaiian fish provider, Honolulu Fish Company. They proudly overnight their carefully selected, sashimi grade fishes to some of the best restaurants throughout the United States and the world.

This past week we’ve served Hapuka Sea Bass and Large Hawaiian Swordfish. HFC’s fishing boats bring in a daily catch.  Because they are already in great fishing waters the day’s catch is brought in and processed same day then shipped overnight to its destination. The packaging is done so well in addition to a cryovacing process (that eliminates air against the flesh), when delivered there is zero temperature loss to the ice packs in the packaging.  It is delivered at a perfect internal packaging temp near 33 to 34 degrees.  The whole process maintains ultimate freshness and keeps bacteria growth next to zero.

We hope you get a chance to dine this summer.