Room Eleven Bedroom

Historic Architecture Meets Modern Design

Room 11 Renovation

room-11-renovation-1Our first home, two years out of college, was an 1890 Victorian. I remember vividly the first visit from my newly-forged mother-in-law, which ended in tears and something about, “What have you done to my daughter?” Time heals I suppose, and not all visions are easily shared. We completely refurbished it, and I think somewhere along the journey we developed a passion for blending old world architecture with modern design. Some might call it character, but there is no denying the compelling need for modern convenience. Fast forward to our Inn at Pleasant Lake.

room-11-renovation-3Room 11 is our first renovation, and we are very pleased with the outcome. The new color scheme and carpeting and the updated, tiled bathroom  are very soothing, while the enhanced lighting, improved closet design, and updated features bring modern convenience.This room retains the cozy feel created by the Inn’s original gables, and is enhanced by the most comfortable, custom made-in-the-USA mattress we’ve ever found.

room-11-renovation-4This project was also the first major collaboration between our newly formed team, a team with passionate views, great talent, and strong traditions. Jen and I have always felt that the best result in design derives from a constructive, diverse collection of ideas, filtered through a respectful process with clear decision rights.  Right!  Easier said then done, yes?  Well, with many lessons learned, our marriage has survived, and perhaps that provided some helpful guidance for this experience. We are truly grateful for such a fabulous team, and wanted to recognize not only their talent, but also their passion for the Inn. The newly renovated Room 11 is just the latest result of what this talented team will produce.