Hiking in New London NH

Hiking in New London NH

When you visit places as beautiful as New London NH, it is hard to resist getting out and exploring your surroundings. One of the best ways to experience our beautiful New Hampshire home is by setting out on a hike. When you stay with us at Inn at Pleasant Lake, discover the sheer beauty of the area by hiking in New London NH.

Discover Mount Kearsarge

Here at Inn at Pleasant Lake, we are privileged to have such a stunning location. There are plenty of hiking opportunities within a short distance of our New Hampshire inn, which is nestled between several gorgeous state park areas and mountains. One of the most popular New Hampshire hiking destinations is Mount Kearsarge. Rising to 2,937 feet above sea level, this area of the Winslow State Park is home to several fantastic hiking trails. One of the most popular paths to embark on is the Winslow and Barlow Trail Loop. Just short of three miles, this loop is ideal for families as it is considered a moderate trail that doesn’t offer too strenuous of a journey. Take your time and soak in your surroundings as you mosey along the trail and enjoy the day.

Hiking in New London NHMount Sunapee Beauty

Another popular summit for hiking in New London NH is located on Mount Sunapee. Three mountains make up this breathtaking landscape with the main summit climbing to 2,743 feet above sea level. A small lake and a number of streaming brooks create a variety of natural areas that draw all sorts of wildlife including deer, hawks, fox, and many other animals. You can find several hiking trails throughout the mountains, allowing you to choose the best fitting route for a fantastic day of hiking.

Mount Cardigan Loop Trail

Cardigan Mountain State Park is also an incredible destination for discovering the exquisite landscapes of the area, as well as hiking in New London NH. Moderate hikes can be found on the Mount Cardigan Loop Trail. With three miles of trail lined with colorful wildflowers, this is the perfect hike for those looking to explore the mountainside. There are more advanced trails available, as well as one that leads to the summit of the mountain that opens up to a treeless area of granite for phenomenal views.

An Experience to Remember

If you are in search of the best places for hiking in New London NH, there are plenty of options that are only a short distance from your Inn at Pleasant Lake accommodations. Whether you are an expert or just starting out, hiking in New London NH is a fantastic way to behold our gorgeous home and experience it from an elevated point of view. Join us this summer and delight in some of the best New Hampshire hiking and climb to new heights.