Snowy Outdoor Scene of Balsam Trees

The Gallery of Trees…Continued

Reminiscing Christmas Past

Strolling through the woods is a classic New Hampshire pastime. When winter arrives, the woods become still, quiet, and reflective. We all have walked through a serene setting at one point or another. Nostalgia kicks in along with cravings for sweet hot beverages like mulled cider, hot chocolate and Grandma’s occasional hot toddy. With The Gallery of Trees we’ve captured this nostalgia in our thrilling 1789 setting. Inspired by our team’s memories, this event aims to bring the The Gallery of Treescommunity together to celebrate the most wonderful time of the year.

We’re supporting the New Hampshire Food Bank with this festive event. With the help from local businesses, we’ve created a winter wonderland for you to tour and experience the bond our local businesses have, to keep the community strong. Each one of these businesses brings a unique twist to our event.


Studio Sage– Interior DesignChristmas Tree

Village Sports– Specialty Sports Shop

Sunapee Landing– High End Antiques

Allioops!– Gifts and Flowers

Spring Ledge Farm– Ornamental Plants

Timeless Kitchen Designs– Interior Design

Unleashed– Boutique Pet Store

Aurora Bakery– Baked Goods

To settle the cravings we all admit to having this time of year, there will be hot beverages available, but don’t tell Grandma. We look forward to seeing everyone throughout the week and hope that this event captures the spirit of the time of year.














We wish you Happy Holidays and a Merry Christmas.

New Hampshire Food Bank


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