Room Six Bedroom View

Room 6: Welcome to the Beach!

Room 6 has always offered stunning views of Pleasant Lake and Mt. Kearsarge, the rolling vista that unfolds across our private community beach.  It seemed only fitting that our upgrade should incorporate the feeling of serenity and peace that the beach provides.  Our design team truly outdid themselves with the new tones and décor of this room, yet in a manner that is thematically consistent with our historic New Hampshire bed and breakfast.

New Hampshire bed and breakfast renovations         bed and breakfast in new hampshire


This was one of our most outdated rooms, from the wall paper that felt like it belonged in Aunt B’s dining room in Mayberry, to the bathroom fixtures that were so tight they felt like an insurance policy might be needed in order to minimize the risk of using them.  It took some creative thinking, and moving a few walls and the plumbing infrastructure around, but we are so pleased with the result.  We now have a full sized shower, a newly tiled floor to emphasize the beach décor, and a much larger sink!  While this room features ample natural lighting with it’s oversized windows, we also enhanced the lighting with a new sconce feature, and improved the closet design to offer more modern convenience.  This was a complete renovation job not just a face-lift, from the new carpet to the new mattress, to the added crown moldings – no detail was left out!

One of our favorite features of Room 6 is the comfortable sitting area which takes full advantage of the breathtaking views of the lake and mountain, a perfect place to relax and unwind.  The adjustable overhead lighting can set the perfect mood for reading, surfing the web, or whatever activity brings you to your happy place!


New Hampshire B&B renovations       New Hampshire B&B room


This project was perhaps our most dramatic change to our New Hampshire bed and breakfast and most involved effort to-date.  The team was able to parlay our experience working together on Room 11 for an enjoyable and efficient project.  We are truly grateful for such a awesome team to work with and wanted to recognize their extra efforts in making every detail about the Room 6 vision come to life! We are confident you will be able to feel their passion for the inn when you book your next stay in Room 6.